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Cleaning Large Heating Systems Made Easy

If you own or manage a property that's larger than the average domestic house, you know that maintaining the heating system can be a challenge. Large domestic heating systems and some smaller commercial ones often require specialized attention, falling outside the expertise of traditional plumbers and heating engineers. That's where PowerFlush UK comes in.

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We Are the Specialists

At PowerFlush UK, we possess the unique combination of skills, tools, and experience needed to tackle the cleaning and maintenance of large and extra-large domestic heating systems. There aren't many power flushing and de-scaling companies across the nation equipped for such tasks, but we stand out as the go-to experts.

Definition: Large Heating System

  • Standard Domestic System: Up to 30 radiators.

  • Large Domestic/Small Commercial: 30 radiators or more, multiple boilers, or a mix of heat emitters.

  • Extra Large Domestic: 45 radiators or more, multiple boilers.

Domestic Power Flush Machine Limitations

Domestic power flush machines have their limits, often designed to fit through standard doors and operate efficiently in modern houses. However, older, larger systems with higher ceilings, attic rooms, or cellar boiler rooms can pose challenges. Modern large systems with multiple heating zones may work with smaller machines, but older, non-divided systems may require specialized equipment.

The Complexities of Large Systems

Large heating systems may have multiple boilers, common header pipes without isolation valves, or a mix of heat emitters. These complexities demand not only the right equipment but also the decades of experience that our specialist power flushing engineers bring to the table.

Power Flush Solutions for Larger Properties

When it comes to choosing the right company for cleaning your large heating system, make the smart choice. Contact us today through the form on the right or give us a call. Experience the difference with a specialist power flush company.

Increase Efficiency

Radiators heat up faster and reach higher temperatures.

Eco & Budget Friendly

Enjoy reduced CO2 emissions and fuel costs.

Government Incentives

Potential rewards from schemes like the RHI.

Massive Savings

Up to 80% cost reduction compared to traditional systems.


John Moran
John Moran
Tom, of Power Flush UK, came out yesterday to power flush our heating system. Prior to his visit we had several radiators which were not heating up and others which only got lukewarm. He did a first class job. The house is now much warmer and the 3 radiators which were the biggest problem are now red hot. He also gave me some excellent advise on how to best operate my system. Tom arrived precisely on time despite travelling nearly 2 hours to get here. There was no mess. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking they need a power flush.
Luke Rose
Luke Rose
Had a power flush, very polite and professional. Explained everything he was doing as he went along, very tidy. Perfect job.
Simon Miller
Simon Miller
Hired them to power flush our heating system which is an Air Source Heat Pump system with two sets of manifolds for ground and first floor. Complete flush overall and then each manifold and each element of the manifold along with radiators. Very pleasant guys, on time, explained everything and showed me the dirt from the internal system and then the clean water at the end before providing the new solution of inhibitor, antifreeze etc at the end. Would definitely recommend anyone who has an air source heat system to remove the dirt and freshen up the internal system to improve the heating efficiency.
Sally Taylor
Sally Taylor
We had a power flush, Absolutely brilliant service, heating want working in my little ones room so we needed someone quick. Prebooked for the new year as everyone was booked up but they had a cancellation and were able to come withing 4 days of me calling. We had a lovely guy called Tom who listened to the issue and what we had previously tried. Tom tried a few things to get the issue we had sorted realised early on that it wasn't working and altered his approach and cleared the blocked pipe we had. Heating works a treat now! Really respectful of our home, wore slippers in the house so he wasn't trailing wet/dirt in the house. Couldn't recommend this service more!
Anna Coupe
Anna Coupe
I'm really pleased that Tom managed to get my central heating working again by flushing out the radiators and pipes. He did a very thorough, expert job and didn't leave until the heating was working correctly. This firm was recommended by a trustworthy plumber and they did not disappoint! I would recommend them to anyone as they sorted my problem out (radiators not heating up) in one day. All toasty for the winter now! Ben was an excellent communicator and I'm a happy customer.
Paul Routledge
Paul Routledge
Ben and his team were extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable. They turned up on the time they said would even though we arranged the appointment many weeks in advance and they drove from Leicestershire to Lincolnshire. Regarding the job itself, they did a great job of flushing our microbore pipes and now the radiators are working perfectly. We can very highly recommend this company.
These guys fixed the problem that others failed to. They went above and beyond cutting out blocked pipes. Look at the pic! They are simply the best.
Chris Cleaver
Chris Cleaver
Excellent service, good communication, expert operative.
Clinton Woolley
Clinton Woolley
Power Flush UK attended out house in November 2021, our central heating system was completely blocked with all the radiators stone cold. Ben was great and arranged to bring our appointment forward by a week to get us sorted!. Within a hour or so of them being here our radiator's were starting to clear and get warm again. By the end of the day the system was fully up and running and they even fitted a new pump for me which I had bought previously. Excellent company and very tidy. I would highly recommend this company if you require a power flush on your central heating.
W Chowchilla
W Chowchilla
Where do I start, very professional on the phone and when they came out to do the job, Ben on the phone was excellent evey helpful, Tom came out to do the work and with his house slippers so no mess been dragged in and out which was a great idea.They came out to rectify a job that SimplyEco carried out fitting a boiler completely mess it up blocked our whole system and left us with no heating or hot water. Tom came and went to work after hours of trying and keeping at it managed to get everything up and running these guy where life savers our heating and water is working better then ever highly recommended great guys.

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